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The Birch range of eco-jewellery is the first originally designed product range to be offered by PIMELIA. As a studio committed to sustainability, we have made every effort to ensure we can call the range ‘environmentally friendly’. A little bit of compromise has been necessary in order to launch and distribute the range into stores, however, we are always looking for ways to improve our process. We feel confident that as the community of conscientious manufacturers and makers continues to grow, that eventually, there will be an easily accessible and affordable green option for every aspect of the business.

To date, this is what we have managed to achieve:

The main body of the work is created from sustainably harvested, high grade Birch plywood that has been Lasercut using 100% green power. The company that cuts the work is incredibly conscientious and committed to making the process of Lasercutting carbon neutral. You can find details about their production values here: ONLINE LASERCUTTING

The Birch is then spray painted using ’Sugar’ Acrylic sprays, which have a unique formulation that combines water with alcohol made from sugarcane to replace petroleum-based solvents. You can find details about ’Sugar’ paints here: SUGAR ARTISTS ACRYLICS

The gold version is currently achieved using an enamel spray. We are phasing out the metallic paints from the range and our latest work (Bouquet) is hand painted with a fine gold dust to achieve a metallic shine without the environmental cost.

For all earring hooks, chain, clasps and findings we have chosen raw brass for it’s green credentials. Making brass from new (virgin) copper and zinc is uneconomical and wasteful of raw materials so new brass products are made from recycled metals. Brass is an environmentally friendly alloy and is also one hundred percent recyclable.

All packaging is created from either recycled or natural materials and we reuse any packaging materials that we receive. The swing tags are lasercut from 100% recycled card using a different company to the one who cuts the Birch. They do not use green power, however, cutting something as thin and flammable as paper requires surprisingly little power and with no inks required to achieve the design, we feel this is a better option than a printed tag.

We are always on the lookout for new and interesting products that will help reduce the environmental impact of the business, please feel free to contact us if you have any recommendations or suggestions.

Care Instructions:

The Birch range of eco-jewellery is created from a 1mm thick Birch plywood that is lasercut with intricate designs. Due to their toxicity, we have chosen not to use hardeners or resins to strengthen the wood, but have opted instead for a light varnish to protect the painted finish.

All of the pieces are strong enough to withstand regular wear, however, the larger earrings and necklaces come with a 'handle with care' tag. Do not throw these products into your handbag without protection - they may not enjoy the ride.